The Party Boat

A New Champion For the Annual CK Staff Regatta!

The four captains strategically chose their teams in secret. Team #1: Capt. Josh, Belle, Lexi AKA The Party Boat Team #2: Capt. Meghan, Hannah, August AKA The Kid’s Boat Team #3: Capt. Mary, Michelle, John AKA The Hair Boat Team...

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Assateague Wild Horse

Exploring Assateague with Bob Collins

Assateague Island National Seashore offers many great watersport opportunities, but the paddling on the bayside, heading south from the Old Ferry Landing, on the Maryland end, is truly unique. On a pleasant August morning, it offered a great opportunity to...

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Wind Part II by Mitch Mitchell

In the first part of our wind article we talked about the effect fetch has on the wind and more importantly the water’s surface. In this article we are going to talk about how the wind effects our kayak. I...

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Rise Above Plastic!

Rise Above Plastics We’re following in the footsteps of the Surfrider Foundation in its efforts to Rise Above Plastics! Our 26 oz. stainless steel reusable water bottles just arrived along with a gravity filter to provide you with filtered water...

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Know Your Fetch! by Coastal Kayak’s Mitch Mitchell

Of all of nature’s elements wind is probably the one that most often effects us as paddlers. Living in a coastal environment means lots of interaction between land, air, and water. The dramatic differences between the temperatures of the ocean,...

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