September Sailing Clinic

Ever want to learn to sail? Imagine skimming across the water hearing only the hum of the water passing beneath you. No loud motors, no gasoline fumes. You are truly the captain of the vessel! Learn how rewarding sailing can...

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It’s Your Turn

If you’d like to rent a sailboat at Coastal Kayak you’ll need to have some sailing experience and be able to answer some basic sailing questions. One of those questions is: ”What’s the safest way to turn the sailboat?” You...

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2016 in the Slipstream

Was it just a couple of months ago now that the days were long and warm and we were all wearing shorts and sandals?? As the days get shorter and darker, here are a few photos to help you through...

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The Party Boat

A New Champion For the Annual CK Staff Regatta!

The four captains strategically chose their teams in secret. Team #1: Capt. Josh, Belle, Lexi AKA The Party Boat Team #2: Capt. Meghan, Hannah, August AKA The Kid’s Boat Team #3: Capt. Mary, Michelle, John AKA The Hair Boat Team...

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