Coastal Kayak’s Used Kayaks & Paddleboards Available for Sale!

Rules of the Sale!

1) All Sales are Final!

2) Prices are firm!

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions listed at bottom of page!

Used Paddles (when purchased with a boat) $25

Tandem Kayaks

Perception Pescador 130

Color                       Price

Purple/white SOLD  $450

Stand Up Paddleboards

Used Paddles (when purchased with a board) $60

Bic SuperMagnum (Kid’s Boards &/or long boards for surfing) – $250

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Why do you sell the kayaks after only two seasons?

A. We try to keep a new inventory of top of the line kayaks. We have learned that if we sell the used ones after two seasons they are still in good shape and that allows us to  replace them with the newest boats

Q. What if I can’t pick up the kayak by the time you close for the season?

A. One of the reason we sell the kayaks and paddleboards is that we do not have space to store them in the off season. If you pick it up after Oct. 10th but before Dec.1st there is a $50 fee. After Dec. 1st we will have to store it for the winter and the fee would be $30/month and not be available until Spring. In addition the kayak/SUP would need to be paid in full at that time. Sorry no exceptions.

Q. If I buy a kayak can I launch from the Coastal Kayak beach?

A. Because we have sold 100s of kayaks over the years and we have limited parking we do not allow launching of privately owned kayaks/paddle boards from our beach during the busy months.

Q. How long will the kayak last once I purchase it?

A. Our top of the line kayaks are very durable and in private use will last for a very long time! We have customers stop by who purchased kayaks from us 15 years ago who are still very happy with and are using their kayaks.

Q. When can I see the kayaks that are for sale?

A. The kayaks can be seen any day that we are open. To view/test the kayaks please come between the hours of 9am & 4pm.

Q. Can I test paddle a kayak?

A. You may rent the kayak for an hour and try as many different kayaks as you would like within that hour – in the event that you purchase a kayak the same day we will gladly deduct the rental fee from the purchase price.

Q. I don’t have a way of transporting my kayak – can you deliver it?

A. Yes, for a $25 delivery fee we can deliver your kayak or SUP to an area within a 10 mile radius of Coastal Kayak.

Q. What’s included with the purchase of a kayak?

A. Included is the kayak and if applicable a seat. Paddles will be available to be purchased at the time of pick-up. Our rental paddles will be available for $25 each when purchased during pick-up.

Q. What is included with paddle boards?

A. The  price includes the fin and a leash. Used paddles will be available for sale at the time of pick-up. Prices will vary but used rental paddles will be $60 each when purchased during pick-up.

Q. What if I pay my 50% deposit and when I come to pick up the kayak I don’t like it? Can I get my deposit back?

A. Sorry but the 50% deposit is non-refundable. We strongly recommend that you come pick out your kayak/SUP in person.

Q. When can I pick up the kayak/SUP?

A. You can pick up the kayak/SUP any time from the listed “available” date until we are closed for the season (Oct. 9th). You can only pick it up, however, on days that we are open. Please call for hours after Labor Day.

Q. What happens if the kayak I purchase is severely damaged between the time I pay my deposit and the time I pick it up?

A. This has only happened once in 19 years when a kayak fell off a trailer in transport (we don’t want to talk about that). If this were to happen we would give a full refund of the deposit.

Q. What kind of shape are the kayaks in?

A. The kayaks are mostly 2 seasons old and show wear. They will be scratched, possibly ripped seats etc.. They are all in good functional condition.

Q. What kind of shape are the paddle boards in?

A. The paddle boards that we use are very durable. They will likely have some dents and depressions especially along the rails where they are stored on the racks. These are cosmetic and do not effect the boards performance or life span.

Q. Can I use the kayak/paddle board that I have purchased prior to the available or pick up date?

A. Sorry but since renting kayaks and paddle boards is our business we cannot allow kayaks to be used other than being rented until the pick-up date.

Q. Is there a discount if I buy more than one?

A. We do not make a profit on the sale of the kayaks so we cannot offer discounts off of the already low prices. In the event we do not sell the kayak we will simply use it for rentals next year.

Q. What does the kayak sell for new?

A. We have links in most cases to the manufacturers site which lists all of the details of the kayak/board. There may be slight changes to the model because the link will go to the most recent model year of the kayak in question. In some cases the manufacturer has changed the name of the kayak so the name on the link may not match the name that we have listed but they are the same boat. Make sure to factor in the cost of shipping, seats, etc..

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