Assateague Kayak Tour with Cap’n Bob

pony7-16webAssateague may be a barrier island, but it’s not a barrier to kayaking fun! Katie and I lead a full tour of fun-loving paddlers on a day that could not have been better. Sun, comfortable temperatures in the 70s, and every Assateague kayaker’s dream: bands of wild ponies grazing on the marsh.

There was a strong north wind, but most of the time it was behind us. The few times when we had to turn into it, Katie did a great job of guiding us through channels that gave great protection from the brunt of it.

We saw our first band of ponies within minutes of launching and headed right for it. The second band appeared about half way through the tour. Overseeing them was an American bald eagle, perched in a tree. Unfortunately, the camera in my phone isn’t good enough to get a picture of the ponies and the eagle in the frame. However, the Coastal Kayakers seemed to really enjoy getting relatively close — but still a safe distance — to the equines.

Wish I’d had my 300 mm lens with me. Oh well. Sometimes the best picture is the image that’s burned into our memories.kayaks&ponies7-16web

Paddle Happy!

— Cap’n Bob

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