About Us

Coastal Kayak is the most experienced kayak company at the beach! This is our 26th year of providing entertaining and educational guided eco-tours and instruction with the most highly trained staff and best equipment in the area.

Mission Statement

By providing our customers with a unique and enjoyable experience, we strive to be the highlight of their vacation while at the same time creating an appreciation and awareness of the importance of preserving our natural resources.

Meet Our Staff


Owners Mitch Mitchell and Jenifer Adams-Mitchell began Coastal Kayak in 1997 because of their love of the water, wildlife, and the outdoors. A life-long surfer, Mitch has always felt more comfortable on water than on land. His first kayaking experience was kayak fishing on Lake Temagami in Canada in 1990. Since then he has become an expert in rough water ocean paddling. He loves the adrenaline rush of kayak and paddle board surfing, has dabbled in white water kayaking, and still gets excited every time he finds a jack knife clam or spots a clapper rail. His background teaching tennis for 30 years makes him a natural instructor. “My favorite part of teaching is making people feel comfortable on the water. Once they realize how stable and forgiving the kayaks are, they immediately relax, begin to learn, and have a great time.”

Jenifer came from a land-locked state but escaped to the beaches of Florida and Delaware immediately after college. After a year of volunteering in Costa Rica she realized the importance of fostering a connection between vacationers and the ecosystem they see as their playground. “Once people are exposed to the marshes and waterways of our area, this environment becomes personal to them, like a friend they always want to see when they return for vacation, and they are more apt to take care of it and want to preserve it.”