Is Sailing for You? 4 Ways to Find Out!

For some, sailing may seem intimidating – how in the world do you maneuver a boat with only the wind? Or maybe you’re used to a stinkpot (AKA a motorboat) and you’re curious about sailing, but you can’t imagine not having a key to turn. Maybe you like the idea of sailing – you’ve read books and watched Youtube videos – but the time never seems right to pursue it.

With our four options for sailing, we’ve got something to satisfy every level of curiosity!

Option 1: Sailing Nature Tours

Our Sailing Nature Tours are great for those who like the idea of sailing, but don’t really have time to learn. With our experienced skipper at the helm, you’ll get all the benefits of sailing on a small boat – the feel of the hulls slicing through the water and the immediate response of the boat to the wind, as well as the occasional splash – without spending time or money on lessons. As a bonus, your skipper will point out wildlife and sail along the shoreline of the Assawoman Wildlife Area in search of Bald Eagles. No classroom time needed!Eve Sarah1

Option 2: Beginner Sailing Clinics

Drop in on one of our Sailing Clinics to get a taste of sailing instruction without committing a lot of time or money. You can take a turn at the tiller or sit back and let the instructor do it all – whichever floats your boat!

We offer both Adult Sailing Clinics and Kids Sailing Clinics.

adult sailing clinic

Option 3: Private Sailing Lessons

Private sailing lessons are the most efficient way to learn to sail. With the one-on-one attention, our instructors can determine quickly where your strengths and weaknesses lie. For complete beginners, usually 2-3 lessons are enough to get you comfortable enough to captain your own small sailboat.

Option 4:  Adult Intensive Learn to Sail Day Camp

If you’ve got big sailing dreams but are short on time, our intensive learn to sail day camp is perfect for you! After five hours of this hands-on class, you should have a solid skills foundation and the confidence to sail a small sailboat on your own.

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