Last week, the day before we went to a 7 day/week schedule, I went for a little paddle on my own. I’d been wanting to paddle the upper portions of the Nanticoke River. It was a windy day here at the beach so it seemed like a perfect day to go inland. I launched at Blades Marina and headed upriver for about 6 miles, just a little past the Old Furnance Road bridge. I got a late start (of course) so I had to turn around way before I wanted to. It was a beautiful paddle though – lots of sweet smelling flowers in bloom.


This looked like a wild magnolia tree. The flowers smelled incredible!

It was populated most of the way up the river with some beautiful waterfront homes. I was amazed at how trash-free the entire trip was – no floating bottles, no fishing lines, no styrofoam containers. Someone does a great job keeping it cleaned up.

In the fall I’m going to head back and try to get as far north as the bridge at the Seashore Hwy.

We’ll see you on the water! – Jenifer


You’re just going to have to trust me – that little blob is a beaver.

Eye-catching yellow lilies.

Eye-catching yellow lilies.

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