You may notice a few changes to Coastal Kayak. But behind the masks and the plexiglass, we’re still excited to see you! Here is what you can expect when you come to rent a kayak, paddleboard, or sailboat this season:

1) We ask that only one person in your group approach our front door (with a sign that says “Start Here”) wearing a mask. We will give that person the release forms for everyone to fill out. (We also have digital release forms available on our website if you’d prefer to take care of this step without contact.)

Start here

2) Everyone in your group will need to sign the forms. You can either take them back to your vehicle to fill out or we will have tables available. If using the tables, please do not go to a table where other people are filling out forms.

filling out paperwork

3) Once the forms are filled out, give them to the person who will be paying for your fun. That one person, wearing a mask, will bring the release forms to our garage door counter where we will complete the rental agreement (that person will need to know what everyone wants to rent).

2nd stop

4) Get PFDs and paddles. Please maintain 6 feet distance from other groups while picking out your life jackets and paddles.

5) A CK staff member will give paddling tips to those who want them and route suggestions to your group while maintaining 6 feet of distance (because of the difficulty in hearing on the beach, our staff will not wear masks while giving paddling tips but will maintain at least 6 feet).

6) When launching your group, our staff will wear masks. We ask that our customers do as well.

7) You’re on the water!! Stash the masks (if you’d like)!!! Have a great time!!

8) When you return to the beach, please place your paddle in the “used paddle rack” for cleaning and put your PFD either in our wash bin or on the beach beside it. Please do not return your paddle and PFD to their original bins and please do not leave them in your kayak.

cleaning equipment cleaning kayak seats cleaning kayak

9) The person who signed the rental agreement will need to check out at the end of your session. That person, wearing a mask, will come to our back door (with the sign that says “End Here”). We’ll get you checked out and on your way!

end here
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