What if the things that made our lives easier—plastic wrap, Ziploc bags, disposable forks and diapers, milk jugs, shampoo bottles—simply vanished once they were no longer needed?

What if when someone tossed an empty McDonald’s bag or Powerade bottle out of their car window it became a beautiful flower instead of a dingy eyesore?

What if concrete, asphalt, strip malls, and big box stores absorbed carbon dioxide and emitted clean, daisy-fresh air?

If these things happened, we wouldn’t need Earth Day. 

We all know one day is not enough to make up for 364 of abuse. But it is a start. And it is an important start.

And if you make the effort, we want to award you. Post a photo to our Facebook page or Instagram account of you participating in a clean up or a tree planting during Earth Week (April 20-28, 2019) with #CKEarthDay50 and we’ll send you a coupon for 50% off one kayak or paddleboard on-site rental! (Not good with any other offers. Photos must be posted by 4/30/19. Coupon expires 9/29/2019.).

Looking for an event? 

Assateague Coastal Trust’s 2nd Annual Earth Month Clean-up on April 27th.

Delaware Wildland’s Beach Clean-up on April 27th.

Keep the Quiet Resorts Beautiful Community Clean-up on April 18-22nd.

Town of Fenwick Clean-up on April 20th.

Earth Day Beach Clean-up in Ocean City on April 22nd.

Earth Day 2019 Protect Our Species Event in Ocean City on April 22nd.

Epworth Earth Day 2019 on April 27th.

And while you’re out there, picking up your one-millionth cigarette butt or your 350th plastic bag or are carefully placing the baby tree into the perfect hole you’ve just dug, try to take it one step further. Think of all the earth’s given to us and all we are taking from it. And let’s vow to make this the year we stand up and protect it.

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