5 Reasons Southern Delaware is Perfect for Your Family Kayaking Adventure!

Maybe we’re a little biased, but we think our corner of Delaware is a spectacular place to paddle. It satisfies the nature-lovers, the birders, photographers, the I-just-need-some-peace-and-quiet-ers. But it is especially perfect for families. Here are five reasons:

#1 Engaging Local Characters

At first glance, kids back away from the creepy-looking critter. But once they learn that the Horseshoe Crab is older than dinosaurs and is completely harmless, they can’t resist its magnetic pull. Kids of all ages crowd around to touch, hold, and connect with this helmet shaped, dun-colored, nine-eyed, blue-blooded sea creature whose presence ensures the survival of so many other species (ours included!).

Diamond-backed terrapins curiously poking their snouts above the water, Ospreys dive-bombing unsuspecting fish, Great Blue Herons scaring the bejesus out of you with prehistoric squawks—our local wildlife puts on a great show. No tickets necessary.

Connecting with Horseshoe Crabs at Burton’s Island

#2 Get Away without Getting Away

Deep in the salt marsh cuts or wooded water trails, you feel you’re far away from the stress of civilization. Yet, if you wanted (or someone in your group demanded), you could be savoring a hot fudge sundae within a half hour. Our “uncivilized” areas are in close proximity to all the comforts of the modern world.

jen sunset sup e1523311285391

Nothing is as relaxing as the sun setting over our bays!

#3 Salt Marsh to Cypress

When most people think of the beach, a mysterious swamp doesn’t pop into their minds. Yet, here, you could explore salt marsh cuts, historic fresh water mill ponds, and cathedral-like cypress tunnels – all within one day (if you wanted!). There’s enough variety in our small area to keep everyone in your family happy.

cypress 1

Exploring a cypress tunnel in southern Delaware

#4 The Long and the Short of It

Sometimes a full day on the water with a predetermined route and a big picnic lunch is exactly what the doctor ordered. And sometimes you only have time (and a consensus) for barely a half hour. You can find launches and routes in our area to fit all time requirements. Even a short paddle can take you deep into Blue Crab territory. With more time, you can explore uninhabited islands, rarely traveled rivers, and historic parks.

solitude 13

Great scenery is easy to find!

#5 We’re Shallow

With an average depth of about four feet, our inland bays welcome all levels of paddlers. Shallow waters warm up quickly—by summer solstice, temperatures are usually in the mid-70s. Although you can find trouble in almost any depth, our shallow bays are a good place to get your ankles wet.

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If you have your own equipment, the following are posts about launches and routes here at the beach: 



If you don’t have equipment, give us a call! 302.539.7999 For online reservations for tours or off-site rentals click here!

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