A New Captain in Town!

capt wallyCongratulations to Mitch Mitchell! After a long, frustrating winter spent studying charts, books, flash cards, and videos, memorizing terminology, and working through hours of navigational problems Mitch breezed through his Coast Guard Captain’s License test.

Why did he put himself through this? Coastal Kayak is expanding its sailing program offering Sailing Nature Cruises and more in-depth Adult Sailing Mini-Camps. Eventually we hope to incorporate a larger sailboat with an auxiliary motor into our fleet. Anyone carrying passengers on a boat with a motor for a fee is required to be a Coast Guard certified captain.

We think the Maryland and Delaware beaches are The Perfect Place to Sail – miles of shorelines to explore, plenty of wind, and bays where you can both cruise to a nice, waterfront restaurant for lunch or find a quiet spot all to yourself. We want to share it with you!

Other than that, he did it because he’s always wanted to be called “Captain Wally!”

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