A Paddler’s Christmas List

If you’re a paddler, all you want for Christmas is to be on the water. But since that might not be a possibility, a stocking full of paddling accessories is the next best thing. We’ve made a list for you to tactfully pass on to your loved-ones to avoid the Christmas-morning-fake-smile-and-the-“Oh, I’ve always wanted a tie-dyed potholder”-lie:

For those who love you A LOT:
Carbon-fiber Werner paddle (Your arms, wrists, and shoulders are worth it!)
Dry Suit (This is the best way to extend your paddling season.)
A comfortable PFD (Don’t skimp on a life jacket. It might one day save your life!)

For those who like you:
A mobile solar-charger kit (Who cares if you ever need it; it’s just cool to have!)
A kayak cart  (This will save money in the long run because you won’t have to go to the chiropractor.)
Quick-dry clothing (On the water, cotton kills. A paddler can never have enough tech clothes.)
Sun-protection (Wide brimmed hat, ball cap, buff, SPF shirts – anything that will keep you from frying so you can stay out longer.)

For those who feel lukewarm about you but have to get you something:
Dry bags (A paddler can never have too many dry bags. They are available in pretty much every size, shape, color, and price range.)
Whistle (While not a super-exciting gift, the coast guard requires that every vessel have a signaling device. A whistle does the trick.)
Water-proof flashlight (Again, Coast Guard required if you’re out after dark. Maybe you didn’t plan on being out after dark, but it happens to the best of us!)

For ALL levels of love:
Coastal Kayak gift certificates – these versatile gifts fit every paddler! They come in any amount and can be used for classes, tours, one-of-a-kind CK merchandise, and used equipment. Perfect!
Coastal Kayak one-of-a-kind tees – everyone loves a reminder of summer!

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