What is the use of a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on? – Henry David Thoreau

Carly paddling the trash boat

Carly paddling the trash boat

We had a very successful (if not chilly) wetland clean-up yesterday in honor of Earth Day! We centered our efforts around the Savage’s Ditch kayak launch site but also got onto the water into the salt marshes for some trash collection. David Lam of WMDT came out to do a story on the clean-up for the 6:00 news. We even got him out on the water!

We found a lot of the normal stuff – bottles, plastic bags, broken glass, lots and lots of shell casings, etc. We also found a door (I told you not to slam it so hard!), a banquet table, and a bunch of orange construction mesh.

Thanks and ‘job well done’ to all of our volunteers!

Coastal Kayak cleaners

Most of the clean-up crew with the booty!

kayaking reporter

Ann is very carefully handing David his very expensive camera!

Heather's interview

David Lam with WMDT interviewing Heather. Every reporter should have to wear a PFD and knee boots!

Cory dragging a door

Cory found that door!

shell casings

lots and lots of shell casings out there

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