butterfly cypree

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly at the Cypress Tour

Many summers, by the first week in August, the water level is so low at our Cypress Tour that it is nearly impossible to do our tours there. This year that is definitely not the case! We’ve had plenty of rain which makes it easy to do lots of exploring. The other day our guide, Sarah, reported seeing hundreds of butterflies there. She thought that most of them were male Eastern Tiger Swallowtail but reported seeing some blue ones as well which could have been the female or possibly the Eastern-tailed blue butterfly.

Our Burton’s Island Wildlife Tour is tidal so the

Getting acquainted with the local wildlife!

Getting acquainted with the local wildlife!

heavy rains don’t effect the water level. Although they are getting harder to find, we are still seeing horseshoe crabs on most of our tours. The osprey chicks are getting bigger and will be leaving the nests soon. We are seeing lots of migrating shorebirds again. They’ve been busy – they’ve been up to the Arctic tundra, built nests, laid eggs, hatched their young and are now heading back to South and Central America.

donna's sunset

A beautiful Little Assawoman Bay sunset!

Of course, the heavy rains don’t have any effect on our beautiful sunsets! Donna caught this perfect picture after returning from a late afternoon Burton’s Island Tour. Nice and glassy!

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