Sailing Excursions on Little Assawoman Bay

Sometimes you want to move and sometimes you want to be moved. But just because you’re in a chillaxed state of being doesn’t mean that you can’t get up close and personal with the bay and it’s feathered and finned residents.

Join us for a small boat sailing excursion on Little Assawoman Bay where the wind and your skipper will do the work. Without the drone of a motor you will be able to truly enjoy the sights and sounds of our coastal environment. In a world full of constant ringing, buzzing, dinging, roaring, and honking, the pure sound of water zipping past rudders and birds settling into nests refreshes the soul.

When we say “small boat,” we mean SMALL boat! We do our tours on small catamarans or day sailors with a maximum of five participants. You’ll get splashed, you’ll feel the boat heel, you might have to switch sides. In short – you’ll truly experience sailing!

Check out our Sailing Tour video and then reserve your spot today!

sailing tour screen shot copy
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