Sell Your Used Equipment!

Get Rid of Extra Stuff!

It is so easy to accumulate stuff! Especially paddling gear. You love your single kayak so you decided to get a two-person for when the grandkids visit or when your spouse wants to go with you. But the grandkids grew up. Your spouse has his/her own hobbies. Or maybe you bought a surfing paddle board, but only use your flatwater board. Bad knees, moved further from the launch, sold the car with the rack – whatever the reason, you’ve got paddling/sailing equipment you never use.

We’ll help! Run a classified ad with us. We’ll post it in our once monthly newsletter with nearly 10,000 subscribers. This isn’t like running an ad in the newspaper where most readers aren’t interested in paddling. Or on Craigslist or Marketplace (who knows who’ll you’ll get with those sites). Most of our e-newsletter subscribers signed up just to find out about our used equipment sale! And we’re working on adding a new section to our website specifically for used equipment listings.


Email us at [email protected] with up to three photos of your item (not too big, please!) and up to 100 words of description. You must include a price and your contact information. Don’t include your physical address in your listing.

Introductory Pricing through 4/30/2023:

$30 per item for items priced at $250 or higher

$15 for items priced under $250

Your classified ad will run for two consecutive months (we send out one newsletter per month – not on a set date).

Regain your garage space! Evict those critters living in the cockpit! And earn some money for your next favorite vessel!

Email us today! [email protected]

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