Sailboat Instruction

Join Coastal Kayak this season to learn a centuries-old skill that is the perfect way to explore the inland bays of coastal Delaware! Discover how easy it is to cruise across the water using only the wind.

We teach our sailing lessons and classes on Hobie catamarans. They are ideal for the inland bays because they can operate in very shallow water. The Hobie Waves are great for beginners because they are responsive yet forgiving – perfect for learning! Safety is the number one priority all of our lessons and classes. Yet we also want to make them fun! By putting our students at ease, we strive to develop a friendly and supportive environment. Our goal is for students to reach their potential while having a  great time doing it!

Beginner Private Lesson:

Our private sailing lessons are the quickest way to become competent in sailing. In this 1.5 hour lesson, your sailing instructor will follow a natural progression – reading the wind, sail position, maneuvering the boat, etc. Each skill builds on the other. But since everyone learns at a different pace, your lesson will be tailored to your speed, making sure you’re comfortable with the new concept before moving on to the next.

We do our beginner lessons on our Hobie Wave catamarans. With one sail and one control line they make learning the basics much less confusing. You can concentrate on what’s important – reading the wind! Once you’ve mastered the Wave, the next step would be working with two sails.

Lessons are approximately 1.5 hours and require a reservation. Reservations can be made by calling 302.539.7999 or book your beginner sailing lesson online!

Price:  $150 per person – 2 students max.

Refresher Lessons:

You’ve sailed before, but it’s been awhile. You’re comfortable reading the wind but aren’t sure why a tack is usually better than a jibe. Or maybe you’ve taken our beginner lesson and want to keep progressing. Refresher lessons last 1 hour and build on your previous sailing experiences. Reservations required. Please call 302.539.7999 xt. 0.

Hobie Wave Hobie Wave w/ jib Hobie Getaway
$100 $125 $135

Price is per person – 2 students  max.

The Basics of Sailing:

Curious about sailing but not sure you want to start the process of learning? This fun, hands-on experience is the perfect way to get your feet wet without diving in.You’ll spend about 15 minutes on land as your instructor familiarizes you with the boat. The rest of the time will be spent on the water setting and releasing the sail, steering the boat, and possibly even plotting the course! Great as a new vacation experience and for kids as young as 9 to see if sailing is for them! The Basics of Sailing lasts for 1 hour.

Reservations can be made by calling 302.539.7999 or book your Basics of Sailing online!

Price: $75 for 1 person. Additional participants are $25 each – 3 people max.

Kids Sailing Drop In Session

This sailing experience is for kids ages 9-12 and lasts one hour. While we discuss the sailing basics, the main focus of this session is fun! Everyone will get a chance to steer the boat while we set a course for adventure! These low-key, hands-on sessions are the perfect way to fit the magic of sailing in your vacation!

Price: $30 per person. 3 participants max.

Reservations required. Call 302.539.7999 or book online!

Your Instructors

capt wallyMitch Mitchell has over 45 years of sailing experience and has been teaching beginners to sail for more than 25 years. He has windsurfed nearly every East Coast beach from Delaware to Miami as well as Puerto Rico and Barbados, and has sailed a 50′ catamaran to Bermuda. He holds his USCG Captain’s License along with many kayak and paddleboard certifications. Mitch teaches our Beginner Private Lessons and our Refresher Lessons.

Todd SmallwoodTodd Smallwood grew up here at the beach and has been sailing since he started with us back in 2009. Todd teaches our Basics of Sailing.

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Please note: All participants must sign an assumption of risk and release of liability form. Children under the age of 18 must sign the form along with a parent or legal guardian. Click here to download a Coastal Kayak release form (PDF format). Please feel free to fill this form out and bring it with you. We must have one form for each participant.