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Coastal Kayak Tour Guide Heather

Hello my Coastal Kayak friends! It’s so great to be back this summer for my fifth year! I’m so happy the weather is finally warm. Winter was long but I did get to enjoy a bit of traveling with Salisbury University, while I took a photography class abroad, exploring London and Paris. While I enjoyed every minute of it some of my favorite memories would include traveling to Wiltshire, an English countryside village home to Lacock Abbey (a country house that looks more like a medieval castle), and also, re-creating the Abbey Road album cover, as I channeled Paul McCartney. While in Paris, I indulged in shopping at Galleries Lafayette, many museums and french cuisine; I love escargot.

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Lots and lots of horseshoe crabs!

Lots and lots of horseshoe crabs!

June is always a great time for eco tours! The bald eagles are very active and we have a new nest to view during our Little Assawoman Back Bay tour. While during our Burton’s Island tour, the horseshoe crab spawning season is in full effect. The other day we collected some horseshoe crab eggs and got some amazing video of the tiny babies. See the video by going to our Facebook page and clicking on the post.

I had a great family SUP lesson this past week. It was a windy day but we went to a secluded part of the Little Assawoman Bay. Everyone had a blast and even learned something too! It is a fantastic way to try something new and fun for the entire family.

Family SUP class - a lot of fun!

Family SUP class – a lot of fun!

And as always I am continuing to photograph our happy customers during the tours. You can find these photos on our Facebook page. Click photos, then albums, look for “Tours with Heather”. Your welcome to download, share and save photos. I strongly suggest adding your kayak photographs to the annual family Christmas card. The family that paddles together, is the family that stays together!

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